Battle of the Brush 27: Season 6 Opening Show: “Pop Art”

The Battle of the Brush is a live painting competition where multiple teams of artists compete in a time-limited competition before their spontaneous collective works are displayed and judged by local art connoisseurs.

How does it work? A group of artists are placed into multiple teams where they will blend their brushstrokes to compete for one Golden Brush title.

Then the brush-to-brush action will heat up as each team of artists’ unique painting styles splatter onto one canvas. The creativity then unfolds into an impromptu gallery to be viewed by guests and judged by distinguished panel members.

#vfw 2015

Vancouver Fashion Week is underway once again. Love it or hate it, you can't help but talk about it. There is no denying the talent of the designers, hair and makeup artists and the models.

Cruising For A Cure For FSH Muscular Dystrophy

I had the tremendous privilege of capturing some stills and video at the Cruising For A Cure For FSH Muscular Dystrophy at the Deeley Motorcycle Exhibit in Vancouver, British Columbia.

I didn’t bring any business cards with me or look to promote myself in anyway. The spirit of philanthropy is to give back to your community, the planet, to human beings and the other life forms that want to survive.

It is impossible to help any cause in a meaningful way by putting one’s own interests first. I was compensated on the night by meeting some fantastic people, learning more about FSHD then I imagined I would in a few hours, and of course, checking out some amazing motorcycles from some of the most historic events in our popular culture.