Streets Of New York - An Interview With Sadie Campbell

What do you get when you take a small town BC girl and drop her in the heart of New York City? Well, firstly you get a great reference point for inspired song writing, and a new chapter in the evolution of a dynamic singer. I had the great opportunity of catching up with Sadie during her recent trip back to where it all started - British Columbia Canada. We talk about train rides, travel, inspiration, overcoming stage fright and of course, the music!


#VanJams EP09 - Jesse Roper

Episode 09 of #VanJams features Victoria, BC’s very own Jesse Roper.

Jesse Roper is an explosive force making waves in blues rooted soul, rock and country funk. Check him out singing an unplugged version of Any Time Of Night accompanied by the silky vocals of Emily Chambers. New interviews + jams are published each and every Thursday so like, follow + subscribe on #YouTube by searching for VanJams.