Ms. Vancouver 2015 Photo Session | Behind The Scenes

Our city should be very proud of the current Ms. Vancouver '15. Christine Adela White is a quadruple threat - model, actor, educator and activist. She currently hosts Vancouver Television and has been a champion for cancer fundraising and research.

Take a look at some of the behind the scenes images from a recent photo session.

Makeup: Daljeet Nanara
Hair: Jade Pinks Ward of Lure Salon
Wardobe/Stylist: Paula Dee Mann

Always a pleasure working with the talented interior designer, Meme Brooks of Meme Brooks Design Inc. 

She's a stylish lady with tons of design experience and knowledge. She loves basketball and comes from Ontario which can't hurt at all.  Plus, she makes THE best cocktails I've ever tasted. 

Find her online at

In the meantime, enjoy this bts portrait from our latest project!